Actress, Singer and Vaudevillian - Judy Garland

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Actress, Singer and Vaudevillian - Judy Garland

Beitrag von Freeyourgender » 17 Feb 2015, 16:10

To write something about Judy Garland is to try to describe to lot in one sentence,
it must fail.

One thing:
Judy is aware till these days, cause here funeral on June 27, 1969,
was the reason that many homosexuals were present in New York,
so without that presence of many Women, Men, Transgender and Transsexuals,
DraqQueens and Travestie-Stars at these days in New-York,
Stonewall might not be happened.

The Stonewall Riots starting in the night on Friday, June 27, 1969. ... 1004#p1004

Many got the spirit of the funeral in her head,
mitght give them the reason to fight against the police in this night,
so Judy got the power, after here death, to change the world,
till these days.



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